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Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more. Start Free Trial No credit card required. View table of contents. Start reading. Book Description Looking to break into C programming? The Visual C Environment 1. Building a User Interface 5.

Making Things Happen—Programming This tutorial series looks at how to use master pages, explores common usage scenarios, and addresses typical pitfalls and traps. The tutorials focus specifically on ASP. JSON is a simple, lightweight data-exchange format that is used by most AJAX implementations although it can be used by other applications and domain spaces. It is used to serialize data structures into a text format that is especially easy to parse and evaluate directly from JavaScript code. Working with Data in ASP. The first three tutorials build the architecture for the remaining tutorials, using a Typed DataSet as the Data Access Layer, custom classes for the Business Logic Layer, and master pages and site navigation features for the presentation layer.

NET Module MADAM , and discusses how it overcomes the limitations of three common authentication schemes used by Web sites Forms, Basic, and Digest , by allowing a single Web application to support multiple authentication schemes that validate against a common credential store. NET server control that randomly rotates through specified content, much like the built-in AdRotator control randomly rotates through a series of predefined banner advertisements. In examining the innards of the ContentRotator control this article touches upon several aspects of custom ASP.

NET control development. NET 1. The pertinent concepts of data source controls, declarative data binding, and other new and exciting features in ASP. An Extensive Examination of Data Structures for.

SQL Server, Oracle, SQL & PL/SQL

I have since updated the article series for the. NET Framework version 2. Specifically, the article examines a sample application that allows an administrator to create data entry forms through a Web-based interface, where the questions asked in a data entry form differ on the person filling out the form. NET components that can easily and effortlessly be plugged into your Web site. NET performs most of its processing on the server, some actions are better served by client-side processing. This article examines how to extend the base Page class to add common client-side functionality that can be invoked from server-side code with a minimum of fuss.

Understanding ASP. This article attempts to demystify the view state mystique, examining what role view state plays in the postback lifecycle, how view state is serialized and deserialized, and security considerations. Making an ASP. Is your Web site designed so that these individuals can have a user experience comparable to an abled-body person?

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There are a number of steps that you can take to make your Web site accessible, including a number of mandates outlined by the Federal government as well as the governments of many other nations. In this article I examine a couple of ways on how to make a Web site accessible.

NET engine. The ASP. Part 6 examines the set and disjoint set data structures. A set is an unordered collection of items and is a common construct used in mathematics. In fact, many older languages provided an inherent set data structure; there was even a programming language SETL where sets were first-class citizens. This article also looks at how to efficiently maintain a collection of disjoint non-overlapping sets.

This article looks at User Controls in-depth, examining User Control basics, responding to events, providing public properties, creating and raising User Control events, and loading User Controls dynamically. Read on to examine a URL rewriting engine that utilized regular expressions for rewriting rules. Part 5 examines the graph data structure, looking at ways to implement graphs in data structures, as well as common applications of graphs. Both the minimum spanning tree and shortest-path algorithms are dissected.

During the course of the article the reader's stepped through how I added templates to RssFeed , a free, open-source ASP. Part 4 looks briefly at self-balancing binary search trees, and how they guarantee sublinear running time in the worst case. The article then turns to examining the skip list, a linked list-like data structure designed to give sublinear running time without the implementation complexity inherent in self-balancing BSTs.

Part 3 looks at trees, focusing in on binary trees and binary search trees BSTs. The article works through creating fully functional binary tree and BST classes in C. NET server controls. It discusses adding templates to a custom control and the common issues and considerations that arise. The article steps the reader through building a custom, non-databound templated ASP. NET server control. Part 2 looks at cousins of the ArrayList: the Stack and Queue. Part 2 also takes an in-depth look at hashtables, as well as the. NET Framework implementation, the Hashtable class.

NET menu server control. This second part of the article series delves into the nitty-gritty details of the server control's source code. The article examines both built-in data structures present in the. NET Framework, as well as essential data structures that developers have to build themselves. This first installment focuses on defining what data structures are, how the efficiency of data structures is analyzed, and why this analysis is important. Building an ASP. The finished product is an open-source menu control available at the skmMenu Project page.

NET and classic desktop application development. This article is aimed toward Visual Basic 6.

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NET Web applications, and examines the differences between creating desktop applications with Visual Basic 6. NET server control's functionality can be performed on the server-side, often the usability of a server control can be greatly enhanced by adding client-side script. This article examines two means by which server controls can emit client-side script. NET developers the ability to quickly and easily display data.

In addition to being able to simply display data, the DataGrid also allows for sorting, paging, and editing of its data. While adding sorting or paging support to the DataGrid is relatively straightforward, creating both a pageable and sortable DataGrid is a bit more challenging. This article looks at how to create a pageable, sortable DataGrid.

With the ever-increasing demands of data sharing among disparate platforms, the use of XML has exploded over the past few years.

Visual Basic .NET Tutorial 52 - How to Display Google Maps in

Realizing this trend, Microsoft made sure to include robust XML support throughout the. For ASP. This article assumes the reader is familiar with ASP. NET Web application, developer's have to decide what data Web control to use in order to display the data.

اجمل كتب للبرمجة

This article examines the three data Web controls - the DataGrid, DataList, and Repeater - and looks at metrics to evaluate when deciding what control to use. NET Web applications. In addition to the standard ASP. I authored the piece focusing on the pros and cons of using ASP as a server-side scripting language.

Marketing Through Personalized Emailing 15Seconds. Namely, through a Web interface users could create a form email, and then send it to recipients in a database, auto-populating the form fields in the email with each user's personal information. This talk explored the pros and cons of ASP. This talk examined how to get started using these classes in an ASP. NET SIG, February While many data-driven web applications store simple scalar data that can be easily modeled in a database, it's not uncommon for an application to need to store binary data.

Perhaps you're building an application where each record can have an associated image file; or maybe each work order in your system may have one or more PDF files associated with it. Whatever the case may be, there are a lot of design decisions, tradeoffs, and potential performance gotchas when working with binary data.

Handling Errors in an ASP. The database might go offline or the permissions on the server might be incorrectly configured. What's more important is how you respond to an error. When an error arises, it's important to provide an informative user experience, log the error for inspection purposes, and notify the developers about the error.

Fortunately, all of these tasks can be easily accomplished in ASP. NET, and is the focus of this talk. NET website is merely providing a web-based interface to backend data. In this talk we'll explore ASP. A navigation user interface might be as simple as static hyperlinks to the other pages in the site, or might involve the use of menus or trees. Prior to ASP. In this talk we'll look at ASP. What are Web Services? San Diego Beginner's.

Icluded was a high-level look at the core Web service standards, along with live demos illustrating how to create a Web service and client application with Visual Studio. An overview of the Enterprise Library, and its enhancements over previous versions of Microsoft's application blocks, was discussed, along with a live demo illustrating how to use the DAAB in a data-driven ASP.

An Introduction to the ASP. This talk examined how to bind data to the DataGrid, how to format and customize the DataGrid, and how to enable the end user to sort and page the DataGrid's contents. The talk also looks at how to accomplish a number of common client-side tasks, such as opening popup windows, setting focus to a form field, confirming on postback, and so forth. These common tasks are implemented through a custom code-behind class. Specifically, UsernameToken authentication and asymmetric encryption via X. RSS is a standard that spells out an XML-format for syndicating online content, such as articles, blog entries, news, and so on.

Specifically, this presentation focused on the latest version of the DAAB Version 2 , showing examples of issuing various queries. Version 3, which was still in progress at the time of this presentation, was also discussed, and compared and contrasted to Version 2. Examining the ASP. NET team. In July I had started work on software dubbed WebForums.

In March , Microsoft purchased the rights to this software, added a number of features, and turned it into the ASP. NET Forums. NET San Diego. Caching in ASP.

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  • NET's caching features and how these caching features could be utilized to optimize Web application performance. Specifically, I examined output caching, partial-page caching, and data caching. In Depth ASP. The first talk examined the ins and outs of ASP. The second talk examined more advanced ASP. Attendees were given a simple, pre-built ASP. Then, over the course of the day, we looked at ways to improve the application, from using AutoMapper to crafting our own custom ActionResults and ActionFitlers.

    The first talk examined how to get started using ASP. The first examined how to use ASP. NET pages. The second talk introduced and explored the key aspects of ASP. Over the course of the day, I built a fully-functional web application that involved creating an application architecture, implementing logging of unhandled errors, using Membership to manage user accounts, using Themes and Skins, and so on.

    The first examined the site navigation in ASP. The second stepped through the entire, end-to-end process of building a blog engine application in ASP. The second one examined the RSS standard and the role of syndication.

    Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Visual C# .NET 2003 in 24 Hours Complete Starter Kit

    Examined techniques in both ASP. Showcased the open-source ASP. NET control RssFeed. NET Connections March I presented three sessions during this four-day conference: Working with Client-Side Script Examined techniques for injecting client-side script from server-side code.

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    Examined a base page class that provided methods for accomplishing common client-side tasks. Looked at upcoming ASP. Day of. It demonstrated techniques for extending the base ASP. NET Web controls to make them conform to accessibility guidelines mandated by the U. Federal government. NET Different? March This talk examined the key differences between. NET and pre-. Specifically, it focused on the fundamental differences between ASP.

    NET offers over its predecessor. NET programming. In this class, students examined the ASP. NET page object model in detail, studied advance features for displaying data with the data Web controls, studied and created common Web application software architectures, learned the ins and outs of builing compiled, custom server controls, and many other topics. In this class, students learn about the fundamentals of ASP. NET application development, mastering Web Forms, the myriad of built-in Web controls, state management, and a plethora of other Web development-related topics.

    NET Web Services. In this class, students looked at creating and consuming Web services using. The class was presented as platform-neutral, demonstrating Web services with different frameworks and platforms, and highlighting the inherent interoperability of Web services. In April this class's format was changed from a six-week, hour course to a one-day, eight hour course XML for. In this class, the students examined reading and creating XML documents with the. NET Framework classes.

    This course consisted of three lab assignments and a month-long final project. Some of the topics covered included: Web controls, data binding, data Web controls, security, configuration, deployment, and others.