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  1. Introduction
  2. On the Grid : The Grind
  3. Lincoln Square

In coffee, a great grind is essential.

When we meet people who are just getting into fresh coffee, who aren't used to buying whole bean, we say that in a pinch, you can use a blender to grind coffee beans. Of course, that's a less-than-ideal option.


In fact, when we talk to folks about spending money on brew equipment for their home, our one key piece of advice is that money spent on a great grinder is your best investment. A great grinder is the centerpiece of your coffee altar. When we brew coffee, we're applying hot and, with espresso, pressurized water to and through the grounds. It's the intermix between water and coffee, the process known as extraction , that yields the actual coffee we drink.

On the Grid : The Grind

If you want to know just how finicky things can get around the proper ground, go to any coffee shop worth their salt and watch how much care goes into grinding, packing, and tamping a portafilter prior to pulling a shot of espresso: the shape and preparation of the grounds is literally the entirety of manual control a barista has over the quality of the shot she pulls. That said, we've heard from so many people that their best investments in coffee have been grinder upgrades, as opposed to fancier brewing equipment.

For me personally, I'd rather have a great grinder and zero brewing equipment than a super fancy brewer and a bad grinder.

All of that said, if you're new to fresh whole bean coffee, using a blender is a great way to open your taste buds. Work sharp simplifies.

Lincoln Square

Films; SM1 mirror. The daily grind of exercising without seeing signs of progress led to the all-rounder considering his whole future in the game. Desperate to escape the daily grind , the Mason family upped sticks from their London council house and moved into a converted horsebox in Devon.

Then thoughts of our tasks come back to mind And we get back to our daily grind For that brief spell I took a pew Love and fun came into view Was that what the artist wanted to share? Many got dressed up in crazy outfits and pelted each other with an array of pillows to de-stress from the daily grind. Pillow Fight Day brings out the softer side.

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Summary: Returning to the daily grind after a week-long holiday and merriment is a thought that even the most dedicated staff would cringe at. Getting back to work and get going. The daily grind of travelling to and from work has a negative effect on the mental health of women, a study has found. It's a talented dance to keep the daily grind of a job from sapping a writer's energy: this tells how to achieve that balance, providing exercises, ideas, and techniques to build creative expression into a daily work cycle.

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