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  1. Archer's Goon by Diana Wynne Jones
  2. Little Sister Is Watching You: Archer's Goon and 1984
  3. Archer's Goon
  4. Who farms crime? Shine, that's who

He also tells Howard that Catriona and Quentin found him Howard as an infant and adopted him, which proves only to add more to the boy's troubles. With Hathaway out of the running, Erskine is the next most likely candidate as the "user of the words".


The Goon takes Quentin and the two children through the sewers to Erskine's sewage installation outside the city limits. It would have been only a short walk above ground, and when asked why he took them through the sewers, the Goon admits that he can only leave the town through the sewer or by a rubbish truck. Quentin realizes the Goon is, in fact, Erskine. Erskine has the three locked up as a way of exerting even more pressure on Quentin, but they manage to escape with the help of the aforementioned Ginger Hind, who insists that he needs Howard's help to be free from Shine.

Howard now must find the seventh brother, Venturus, who lives in the future. Howard identifies Venturus's hiding place by going to a half-constructed building, i.

Archer's Goon by Diana Wynne Jones

As he runs from Erskine's men, he frantically wishes to Hathaway to send him a bus, and lo and behold — one appears. He asks Archer for money for the fare, Shine to cause a distraction, and Dillian for a police car to stop Shine's "distraction", which goes a little over the top; all of these things miraculously appear.

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Having asked Catriona where she would live if she lived in the future and told "some house that hasn't been built yet", Howard acts on this suggestion and makes for what he guesses is Venturus's hideout — a half-finished building near the Polytechnic where Quentin works bearing in mind that as well as housing, Venturus also farms education. Howard's guess is correct, and as he climbs up the stairs of the unfinished building, he discovers that each step ages him and the building completes itself around him as he moves forward in time.

Howard eventually realizes that he himself is Venturus, who has been building a fantastic spaceship inside his home in the future.

Venturus had twice, to get himself out of design problems with his spaceship, sent the whole town back thirteen years through time, accidentally transforming himself into a small child in the process. That small child was adopted twice by Quentin and Catriona, who named him Howard.

Little Sister Is Watching You: Archer's Goon and 1984

The six siblings could not leave the town all that time not because of Quentin's words, but because their parents laid it on them to protect Venturus, and as long as Venturus—Howard was too young to realize his magical powers, they had to be close by to protect him. Torquil, Hathaway, Erskine, and Venturus, who understand that civilization would likely crumble if one of the seven gained ultimate control, evolve a plan to send the other three siblings Archer, Shine, and Dillian off into deep space, never to return, in Venturus's newly constructed spaceship. They do this by convincing each of the three that the rest had plotted against each other and would put their final plan into action that night in Venturus's spaceship.

They all board the ship, which Howard—Venturus has programmed to allow them to come aboard but not disembark, for a one-way trip to Alpha Centauri, and the ship takes off. The remaining siblings have no plans to rule the world — but Howard, now Venturus, still worries about what Erskine and Awful may get up to in the future.

He decides he will stay with the Sykes family so he can help keep Awful in check and Erskine decides to travel the world, making for a pleasant ending. Weird Tales reviewer John Gregory Betancourt praised the novel as "a witty little urban fantasy [and] a delight to read. Writer Neil Gaiman has said that the novel is probably his "favourite children's book [he has] read as an adult.

Of the experience, Diana Wynne Jones says: [4]. I was quite closely involved, actually, because the producer Richard Callanan was a very nice man and he wanted to get it as close to the book as possible.

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  6. Both of us had to sit around the table and persuade the scriptwriter Jenny McDade to make it close to the book. It got closer and closer and closer and they got most of it in. I would have to do it the other way around, I think. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Home FAQ Contact. Archer's Goon Wikipedia open wikipedia design. Archer's Goon First edition UK. Diverse Talents, Incorporated 79 : And that leaves Sirius to play the part of Buttons, though that may be pushing the analogy too far.

    There is no fairy tale ending for Kathleen, though. She eventually finds her fairy godmother, though she has to seek her out, but she will never be restored to her rightful kingdom, and the happy ending for Sirius means pure loss for her, try as he may to redeem it. There's a complexity and an uncertainty in the ending which the first part of the book did not prepare me for: and certainly while I was throughout noticing vivid descriptions and revealing observations, somewhere around the two-thirds mark my reading shifted gear, and I was no longer pausing to notice, no longer stopping to draw breath, running non-stop with the Wild Hunt And the lesson we learn from this is that memory is not to be trusted.

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    Archer's Goon

    Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. From: sovay pm UTC Link. I remember reading Dogsbody for the first time in elementary school and being able to recognize the hounds of Annwn instantly from their white coats and their red ears, chapters before they were named in the text; that was one of the first times I recognized that knowing stories could give me an advantage, though mostly I was just happy to make the connection.

    Archer's Goon Episode 4 Full

    Conversely, the title was the first time I'd heard the term, so I didn't realize it was a play on words rather than your average fantasy compound noun. Reply Thread. From: shewhomust pm UTC Link.

    Who farms crime? Shine, that's who

    So I knew that Sirius's markings made him no ordinary dog, but not where the story would take this. Reply Parent Thread. From: klwilliams pm UTC Link. When I first read Dogsbody as a child around 11, I think , I hated it. I don't remember why, but it was enough to turn me off of DWJ. I didn't pick it up again until I was in my thirties and friends had assured me I'd love DWJ, and then I enjoyed it and had completely forgotten why I'd hated it. So rereading is good. How odd, that we should both have had a blind spot about the same book! Do you generally like books about animals?

    It's not animals per se that I like or don't like, it's how the books are written. Some I love, some are meh, some are yuck. I seem to recall that I felt that Dogsbody was a very negative book overall, when I first read it, but I didn't read it that way as an adult.